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Smash, you and the band were wonderful at the Highland Kirchenfest festival last weekend.  We had an awesome time at your show.  The twist contest was hilarious! - Brenda


Smash and Co. The kids of the SCW Jazz Ensemble had an absolute blast joining you on the stage tonight at Rhythm and Ribs! This is my fourth year as Director of Bands, and seeing some of those kids who are my first four year kids up their blasting away with you guys was truly one of the highlights of my young career as a band director. Thanks so much for thinking about us and including us in your show! BLM Ben Meyer Director of Bands St. Charles West HS


The party was awesome!  We couldn't keep people off the dance floor.  We can't thank you enough for all your kindness, generosity and most of all for Bringing The Party!  You and the Smash Band were phenomenal to work with - your party planning sheet got us right on track and the night went off without a hitch thanks to you.  We enjoyed all your fun games (especially the "Twist" competition) and we loved your gifts!  We got so many comments from people gushing about how much fun they had dancing. Thanks for making our party amazing! - Mike & Cait Embrich


I've always thought expressing thanks was as simple as it sounds. I was raised to express appreciation for every thoughtful deed, every kind word. I didn't realize how difficult it could be when trying to show gratitude to a person or, in this case group of people, who were able to take a special day and make it absolutely unforgettable. The only thing we wanted for Candy and Bill was to have a memorable and fun filled event to celebrate their marriage. From the moment my husband (Fred) suggested the SmashBand, Candy wanted no one else. Bill was just as easily convinced after having heard the band play only once at last year's Wildwood Celebration.

Once you gave us the okay on the date, you made everything else even easier than accepting the gig. You worked with us on the stage issue at Andre's, you put up with some of the music selection indecisiveness and you were always accommodating and professional.

When the day came, we ran into your crew. We were setting up as they were. They were fun to work with and be around. As we arrived just prior to commencement, you were waiting for us, dressed impeccably and looking so calm and collected; a state of mind and appearance I didn't think I would ever experience again. It was easy to identify each of the Band members as they walked in; mostly because I had studied the web site endlessly but also because of their classy and professional appearance and demeanor. Each of them spoke kindly, as though we had been friends forever and projected a genuine desire to be there with us on such a special day.

You had prepared each of Candy's prerecorded musical selections and didn`t miss a single cue. Then, as expected, when the live music started, the party began and everyone had an absolute blast. There were 207 people in attendance and everyone I spoke with commented on the Band. You and the SmashBand made our event just what we wanted, a most memorable good time. Salute to you, Smash and all the others. Please tell Susan what a great time she missed. I heard the food wasn't bad either.

Please let me know if I can ever provide any type of reference on your behalf. It would be my pleasure and the least I could do to repay you. Hope to see you again soon. We will look for you at Ballwin Days. -
Very gratefully yours, Marilyn Vaught


Smash...I just want to say again that the performance you and your troupe of extremely talented and versatile musicians presented at the Highland Kirchenfest last weekend literally blew me away. And that takes quite a bit since I have been a professional musician all my life! I admit when I saw the setup for 10 musicians and heard the name "SMASH", I thought it might just be another loud, obnoxious rock band. Boy was I WRONG!!! The presentation, or as you like to say..PARTY, was full of excitement wihout any pain to the listner. The wide variety of song selections from county (Cash, Cline & Orange Blossom Special) through Soul (Tina Turner), standards and contemporary rock obviously satisfied the total crowd from age 8 months to well over 80.... and they all stayed and enjoyed the party. Thanks for a great time and I look forward to seeing more of you and your group in the future! -Bill, Centralia, IL


I've been going to that festival for several years and never have they had a band that livened the crowd as you did. I first heard your band at the Strassenfest in St. Louis on the 4th of August. We had just arrived as you all were walking on stage. I admit I had some misgivings on seeing more than a dozen band members. Thinking to myself, that it would be more chaos than harmony. Boy was I ever wrong! My husband and I attend a music venue (sometimes 2) every weekend starting in early summer until early fall, and I have never enjoyed a band more than yours. In particularly you keep it clean, and each and every one of you truly like the crowd. Thank you and see you at the Spassfest in Germantown on Saturday!  -Lynn R. Belleville, IL


Thanks for the delightful music and a special thanks giving my daughter the teddy bear. That was so sweet telling her how pretty she looked in her dress. We had such fun dancing. 
Though we didn't make it to Oktoberfest Munich, Germany this year, Staunton will hold great memories too thanks to the Smashband. -Maria E.


The tailgate party was one of the best! And the RAMS kicked the cowboys ---! you guys had all the fans fired up and the dome was rockin all afternoon. Thanks again. -Greg M.


Smash, I wasn't sure how to get ahold of you but thanks for singing happy birthday to my son jacob at the game. That truely made me happy inside and gave me a sense of pride. I really love my city and people and fans of St. Louis. They are the best fans your going to find.
Thanks again and I'll never forget the gesture. -Chris Carter


My husband and I left home last Sunday morning (Oct. 5) for a weeklong roadtrip/vacation. At about sundown the first day, we ended up in Staunton, Illinois. While looking for a hotel (the only hotel in Staunton, I believe), we passed by St. Michael's church. My husband's eyes were caught by the sign "Fried Chicken Dinner" so after unloading our luggage, we headed back to St. Michael's.

Unfortunately it was late in the day and the fried chicken supply was depleted, but we enjoyed a sandwich and some beer and wine. Before long, we heard this wonderful music coming from the big tent. Not being from the area, we'd never heard of the Smash Band but we have to tell you, it was truly the best hours we'd ever spent at a church picnic. We've told everyone back here in Kentucky about how wonderful the music was. You've not doubt heard it endless times before, but thank you for providing us with such a fun evening in Staunton!   -Kathy and Harold Y. - Kentucky


I just wanted to tell you that you guys were GREAT at the Light the Night walk last Fri. I hadn't heard you before and it was enjoyable listening to you before & after. Thanks!  -Christina M. - Crystal City


Hi...I wanted to give my regards to you and all of the band for getting the party going at our wedding on Saturday night.  Smash has a natural knack for working a crowd, and all our guests were out there on the floor dancing and having a blast until the very last minute when the folks from the hall turned up the lights.  Thanks to all of you for helping make our wedding something we won't ever forget!   -Ben & Laura


Just a note to thank Smash and the band for a fantastic evening of fabulous music and entertainment at our son's wedding reception at Windows On Washington on Aug. 16. It was absolutely wonderful!  Thanks again!  -Angela O.


We'll be sending you an official thank you note very soon but we just wanted to say that EVERYONE that attended our reception had a fantastic time! The kids are still talking about performing on stage and of course, everyone will never forget the "Twist Off".

Russell and I can't thank you guys enough for keeping our crowd entertained and involved the entire evening. Usually those weddings clear out by 10 pm but we still had a decent size crowd to the very end and that was because of you guys. My brother said, that wasn't just "a band" that was entertainment, and he certainly was right and we've gotten email after email thanking us for the great party. We couldn't have done it without you guys.   Thanks so much!  Take care and we hope to see you at the Germantown Spassfest!  -Thanks again, Lynn and Russell


SMASH...Thank you for providing some of the best entertainment we have seen yet at convention. You kept the crowd going and we have received nothing but the best of praises of the band. We are definitely keeping you on the list for next year. -
Janet Hirschman, Missouri Dump Truckers Association


SMASH...I'm not sure that there are enough words to express my gratitude to you for your presence yesterday at our National Young Readers Day event.

The particular kids that you read to sought me out at day's end to share with me what you wrote in each of their books. The smiles on their faces were enough to touch anyone's heart. And I also think it's important that you know how much of a positive effect you had on Chassity. Between you and me, Chassity has a ton of emotional struggles and it's quite a rarity to see her smile. She memorized what you wrote to her and when she told me, the smile on her face was the most beautiful I've ever seen!

One of my favorite quotes about touching the lives of children is..."Those privileged to touch the lives of children should constantly be aware that their impact on a single child may affect a multitude of others a thousand years from now!" Thank you for the impact you had on so many of our special kids yesterday! With much gratitude! -Paula


Hello fellas, I just wanted to give you all a great big thank you - and hug - for playing at our event at Ravissant. You went above and beyond, and for that I thank you so much! I know next year will be even better if that is possible. 500 people showed up and we raised...drum roll...over $11,000! Thank you again so much! I will be in touch soon to book you for next year. -Lisa Adams


Smash: First, I want to let you know that we have received great reviews about FamilyFest! People are still talking about how much fun they had at the event. The Smashband did an AWESOME job! We are already fielding questions about next year's event. THANK YOU!!! -Angela Merseal, The Salvation Army


Dear Smash: First, let me say a great big heartfelt "THANK YOU!" for you and your band's support of The Salvation Army FamilyFest event! Steve has been wonderful to work with - I can't begin to express how EXCITED I am about this event.

We have 400 people registered - and anticipate an evening filled with fun. Our hope is to get the word out about what the Salvation Army does in the Metropolitan community.  -Angela Merseal, The Salvation Army


Hey Smash!  I thought I’d share a few of the photos from last Sunday at the Columbia Festifall. I was so happy to see so many smiles throughout Metter Park – you guys sure can get the crowd going! I continue to receive great compliments about The Smash Band. Thanks again for helping make this event such a success! -Jackie Hausmann, City of Columbia


Hi Steve, Thank you so much for your kind words about Neely and the reception. I have to admit, to a person, everyone has commented to us in cards, calls, and emails of the wonderful time they had and they said it was the best reception they had ever attended. I tend to agree with them. We could not have hoped for or anticipated it would be such a good experience. My sincere thanks to you and all of the band members for such an outstanding performance. We couldn't have done better, that is for sure. Thank you again and please give my sincere thanks and appreciation to the rest of the band members. Go Cards--John Omohundro, Head Athletic Trainer Arizona Cardinals Football Club


Dear Smash, Just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable evening which your band provided in Arnold this past Saturday night. The concert was fantastic! You have a very talented group of men and women working for you. I was truly impressed with their musical talents. The diversity of your music was great! It was really nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. This includes the people in the crowd plus your band members.

Smash, around 10:15 or so I watched you walk out into the crowd and just walk around. I thought it was very nice of you to go out to your control people and pat them on the back for doing a great job. I also saw a very proud person in yourself for putting together a group of extremely talented people. You stood back and let them (the band) do their thing! You let their talents speak for themselves. Kind of like a head football coach letting his assistants coach and use their talents to the best of their ability.

I have followed your band now for several years now. Your ability to entertain and provide people happiness/enjoyment is a tribute to you. Great job on expanding your band in the way you have. It’s obvious this was a positive and rewarding move on your part. Thanks again! Keep up the good work! May God continue to bless all of you!  Sincerely, Steve Borrowman, Festus, Mo.


Smash & Friends, Thank you for coming to Perryville to play at our annual Mayfest celebration. As usual you brought the party and got the crowd involved and we loved it! Take care and thanks again. -Melissa Hemmann, Perryville, MO Chamber of Commerce


Steve & Smash...I have had at least four e-mails that sang the praises of the band as well as Smash's connection with the audience. He sure went above and beyond! I hope to nail down our details for next year soon and will be in touch!  -Thanks, Kathryn


Dear Steve...On behalf of the Missouri Dump Truckers Association, (MDTA) and its officers and board of directors, I want to thank you for the outstanding performance you gave at our convention on February 2, 2008.

We received rave reviews from all those in attendance. Please feel free to use the association as a reference whenever needed.  Again thank yo for adding to the success of out 38th annual convention. -Sincerely, Richard McIntosh, Executive Director

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